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2018 Seminar Schedule

Bernhardt Architecture

10:30am - Home Renovations - Creating sustainable and affordable designs - Bernhardt Architecture

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11:15am - Healthy, Sustainable Homes - Tips from an independent home performance expert - Sustain & Enable Ltd

New Zealand homes are typically cold, damp and mouldy. There are often some simple things you can do to make a home more liveable and comfortable, and these don't have to cost the Earth. Come and listen to a home performance expert talk about ways to make your home healthier and more sustainable.


12:00pm - To Be Confirmed - Sustainable Business Network

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Waste Free with Kate

12:00pm - 2:00pm - Food Lovers Masterclass - Kate Meads - Sunday Only

This workshop is all about Food Waste.  In NZ and around the world we have a problem with food waste.  In NZ alone we throw away over $872 million dollars worth of food every year.  This workshop covers information including – the issue, reducing food waste, smart shopping, smart food storage, reusable household products, composting at home, utilising leftovers and more.  This workshop is relevant to all households at all different ages and stages.

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12:45pm - Discover the Undiscovered... Let us get you "Off the Beaten Track" - Off the Beaten Track

Off the Beaten Track connects holiday makers with a taste of authentic rural New Zealand that is delivered through undiscovered locations and experiences that are privately owned.

In our opinion holidays are best enjoyed Off the Beaten Track, where we provide access to some of new Zealand's best kept secret locations and experiences. See New Zealand like never before...get Off the Beaten Track!

Waste Free with Kate

1:00pm - 3:00pm - Waste Free Living - Kate Meads - Saturday Only

When you put your bin at the curb for collection, have you ever wondered what happens next?   Out of sight - out of mind is not the way we should think about our waste.  This workshop is all about what happens to your waste, why you should care and some simple things you can do about creating a more liveable planet for our future generations. This workshop is relevant to all households at all different ages and stages.

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1:30pm - Ways to improve the air you breather at home and work - 100% naturally - Clean Fresh Air

Learn about the danger of mould and bacteria and ways to mitigate their presence in our homes and offices.  Learn tips and tricks using plants and natural products.  Some free products supplied to attendees!


2:15pm - Cleansed and Cured Live – The simplest way to heal your body naturally - Brett Elliott Ultimate Herbal Health

Brett launched his book “Cleansed & Cured” in May (available at Whitcoulls, Paper Plus etc) and has been doing a small number of seminars/workshops around the country to give new information on the toxins in our world and how to avoid them.

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2:30pm - The Psychology of Sustainability - Psychology for a Better World - Sunday Only

The psychology of sustainability. Why do people make sustainable choices? How do we get others on board? Why is it sometimes so hard to ‘do the right thing’?

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3:00pm - Are You Interested in Improving the World? - International Avatar Course

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3:45pm - A New Way to Live - Manaian Way

This seminar involves information regarding a social change of direction that leads to the removal of many weekly living expenses. We could remove the cost of rent, electricity and water through Phase 1 which is achieved by moving from ownership to guardianship. Guardianship separates people from business and commerce so people will not be affected by interest rates, policy changes and housing bubbles.

When we become guardians we will not need as much money to live on and so job security will not be as important. This leads to us having a new found power over corporations who are destroying our planet's resources as we will not need their work or their products.

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