Kate Meads Workshops

Attend one of Kate Meads' workshops at the 2018 Green Living Show!

Kate Meads was recently labeled New Zealand's own waste free warrior and is a very humorous and motivating speaker.

Kate has been working with the general public and councils for over ten years now. In the early days, her role was to promote the use of modern cloth nappies and promote waste free parenting options. However, now she facilitates seminars and presentations on reducing food waste and other waste topics. Drawing from her own experiences as a typical modern day consumer, Kate shares her stories and insights to create a greater awareness of the choices we are making and the impacts they are having. If we all do nothing because it seems like we are not making a difference, nothing will ever change and we have to question what legacy will we leave our future generations.


Waste Free Living Workshop
Saturday 3 November 2018 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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When you put your bin at the curb for collection, have you ever wondered what happens next?   Out of sight - out of mind is not the way we should think about our waste.  This workshop is all about what happens to your waste, why you should care and some simple things you can do about creating a more liveable planet for our future generations. This workshop is relevant to all households at all different ages and stages.

Food Lovers Masterclass
Sunday November 2018 12:00pm - 2:00pm
$25 includes entry into the Show
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This workshop is all about Food waste.  In NZ and around the world we have a problem with food waste.  In NZ alone we throw away over $872 million dollars worth of food every year.  This workshop covers information including – the issue, reducing food waste, smart shopping, smart food storage, reusable household products, composting at home, utilising leftovers and more.  This workshop is relevant to all households at all different ages and stages.

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